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Newcastle Business Continuity

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Newcastle Business Continuity process makes your Newcastle business more reliable, more resilient and more efficient in the event of an incident.

How would your Newcastle business cope on the event of an incident?

With the Internet bringing new patterns to the way we spend our money, speed of service has become increasingly important to consumers.  We want things now – we don’t expect to wait and consequently, we select suppliers who can deliver with speed and quality.

With the ability to deliver your product or service being paramount in the fast-paced world we live in, any disruption to your business can have at best awkward and at worst crippling consequences.

Newcastle Business Continuity aims to work with businesses to remove single points of failure and minimise the impact of a wide variety of incidents.

What sort of incidents would harm your Newcastle business?

Where can I find out more information on business continuity?

Research over recent years has consistently shown that...
•    90% of businesses that lose critical data in a disaster close within 2 years
•    80% of businesses without an effective disaster recovery plan close within 12 months of a fire or flood
•    40% of businesses that have experienced a disaster never recover fully

Newcastle Business Continuity
can help ensure that your business is secure.  We will work with you to develop a comprehensive business continuity plan or to support you in the development of your own business continuity management system in line with BS 25999.

Where we help:

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